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The Power of Food

August 13, 2014

Embarking upon new directions to end hunger

Over a year ago, Oregon Food Bank started work on a new strategic plan. It began with input from many people involved with the organization including donors, volunteers, staff, and members of the Oregon Food Bank Network. Then through research of trends in food banking and identification of key goals, a direction emerged. Starting with this newsletter, we’ll share our new direction and its key areas of focus: Food = Health, Food = Community, and Food = Strength.

In this issue: Food = Health
We believe everyone deserves healthy, fresh food. This means more produce, whole grains, and foods low in fat, sodium and sugar. Convenient access to food, especially fresh produce, is necessary to save time and money. Knowledge is power for people facing hunger. By gaining skills such as shopping, cooking, budgeting, and gardening, Oregon Food Bank clients are able to gain confidence and create their own solutions. Children remain a focus for Oregon Food Bank’s work and they expecially need to have their nutritional needs met every day. Keeping their bodies healthy and minds active is critical to development. Your support built the strong foundation we stand on today. Your continued support will keep us moving towards a hunger free tomorrow. To view the entire strategic plan, visit

Download full Summer 2014 Newsletter here.

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